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Your intelligence quotient is calculated by measuring your memory, logic, spatial recognition and reasoning skills. Unlike other sites, Intellitest delivers a completely free online IQ test. The average IQ scale is between 85 and 115 – are you one of the 5% who scores above 115? Find out by taking our free IQ test!

Intellitest is here to provide you with a free and straightforward intelligence test. If your IQ score is over 115, your mental abilities are in the top five percent worldwide!
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Our free online IQ Test has been taken by over 3.5 million people from around the world, which means we have a lot of data to revise and update regularly to give you an accurate estimate of
All you need to do is answer a series of questions which are aimed at testing your ability to make rational decisions.
You’ll find that by doing an IQ test, you are also sharpening your memory as well as your reasoning skills.
Your average IQ fluctuates over your lifespan. Your score can change gradually or quickly – even after just a few weeks of playing IQ test games.
A high IQ is considered to be a score above 115. Some people are even gifted with a Genius IQ – Stephen Hawking’s IQ is 160 and Albert Einstein’s IQ was also 160! Do you know what Mensa is? Mensa is an organization created for people with the highest IQ scores in the world. To join the club, you have to score over 132 in a Mensa IQ test. There are even children as young as two who have been accepted into Mensa after taking special IQ tests for kids. Take our test to see if you have a genius IQ score!

What is a good IQ score?

According the IQ test scale, an above average IQ score is anything over 115. And If your IQ is over 115, you could do a variety of jobs, including complex professions like lawyer, surgeon or detective. Take our free IQ test to find out your IQ score today!